Crazy Easy Ways to Earn Funds for SFT Without Writing a Check!

Box Tops for Education

These little buggers are worth 10 cents each to SFT, and boy, do they add up! Last year we received a check for $1239.70 from the program - that's 12,397 box tops collected throughout the year. Save yours and make sure to get them in for the collection dates of October 18th & February 14th. More information on the program is at Box Tops 4 Education

Target Debit or Credit Card

Take a voided check into Target, fill out the debit card application and use it when you shop.
Money will come out of your checking account, just as if you used your regular debit card. The best part is - you save 5% on all your purchases, and the school gets an additional 1%.
One percent doesn't sound like much, but for last year's usage, Target sent us a check for more than $1,100! To learn more about the program, click here.

GoodSearch, GoodShop, GoodDining puts the good in web surfing. Simply visit the website, designate Santa Fe Trail as your charity and use the Yahoo!-based search engine to surf the web. Goodsearch will donate 1 cent for every search performed.

GoodDining is a conglomeration of restaurants (including New York Dawg Pound, Salsa Grill and more) that give between 1% and 6% of your purchases to the school of your choice. Simply register your debit or credit card at and designate SFT as your beneficiary.

GoodShop runs on the same model as GoodDining. Simply register your debit or credit card, register SFT as your charity, and 1%-5% of your purchases will go to the school GoodShop merchants include Amazon, iTunes, PetSmart and more! Check it out at You'll be eligible for exclusive coupons, too!