Ms. Leiker will be kissing Donna the chicken!
With all the effort from our families, friends and community put in we were able to raise over $12,000!

The class that came in first in the class competition is Mrs. Draper's class they will receive an ice cream party and an extra recess.

2nd place is Mrs. Nely's class they will receive a Popsicle party and each student will receive one free item from the student store, once it opens in October.

3rd place is Mrs. Husted's class and they will receive a Popsicle party.

We also want to thank all the wonderful parents that did such a phenomenal job working so hard at the preparation for this great event.
A great big huge thanks to our Committee chairs Mrs. Hrabe, Mrs. Behrens, Ms. Tracz and our PTA treasurer Mrs. Emerson. They rocked Walk-Across-KS!
Everyone should feel very proud and happy at the wonderful job that was done.

Why Cook Wednesday

05 October @ Culver's: 5:00 - 8:00 PM

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